Welcome to the Main Line’s modern day etiquette school for girls in elementary school up to middle school. 06517A84-A165-4752-9AA1-4A78DCFF56DDStyle School’s courses have been designed by two Certified Etiquette Instructors, Shannon David & Ashley Meyers.

Style School offers courses that will cover important topics like table manners, interpersonal skills, communication skills, telephone skills, eye contact, hand shakes, self-care, social media guidelines, age appropriate clothing styles and age appropriate make-up. 1A698F5A-0A45-4214-A195-D8D5E19192B8All while having fun, interacting with peers, open discussion talks, and games. Style School will weave together the importance of etiquette and grace, build self-confidence and self-awareness, while having fun and learning. It is truly the modern day charm school!

Style School

Etiquette – Social and table manners
• Social Media Safety
• Self Care
• Interpersonal Skills
• Age-appropriate Fashion

Style School will work with schools, golf clubs and charity organizations to create specific courses geared to their audience.  We can offer one-day etiquette courses or classes that span over a few weeks.E54007A6-CD29-44EB-AFE4-D87B2368B7A2

Style School’s goal is to keep the topics fresh and light by providing worksheets, playing games, doing activities, acting out scenarios and by sharing stories. The students will begin each class with a strong hand shake, great eye contact and personal greetings. When today’s youth are provided with knowledge and reassurance they will be able to build upon their own foundation as they travel into adulthood.753B2E01-008B-41C6-B646-D68FEB193295

Style School strives to provide a safe environment to learn and grow but they will have fun with learning table etiquette and talking about social media topics. It’s important to know your skin tone and what colors look best on you. These small but important tips will only grow their self-confidence and knowledge.



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